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With 60 years of providing solutions to meet the most demanding packaging needs of our customers, we are one of the most experienced companies in the food packaging sector at both the national and international level.

We currently work for more than 500 companies around the world, from large multinationals to small family-owned cooperatives.

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60 Years Exploring the World of Metal Packaging

In the 1960s, the canning industry began to flourish in the Region of Murcia and Auxiliar Conservera opened its doors. Since then, we have maintained our commitment to service, offering our customers the products and attention they deserve. 




AC was founded in 1961 as a small family workshop with only two employees working side by side. At that time we manually produced about 40 cans per person per day.

Since our founding, we have always been committed to innovation in order to keep moving forward. This was a period of major investments that would mark AC’s innovative spirit: chain machines, automation of seaming machines, etc.

We continue our journey, evolving and learning every day. During these years we experienced a great technological and material revolution: electric welding and the thinning of tinplate.

We grew more and more and strengthened our national expansion with the opening of the Seville center (1995). At the international level, our main breakthrough focused on the development of the ‘easy-open’ lid.

We entered the 21st century by taking a leap forward in quality and environmental management, achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in the Torrealta, Molina de Segura, and Mairena del Alcor centers. We created our own Design and Prepress department and acquired state-of-the-art machinery for the lithography section. In this decade, we incorporated new developments in our catalog of Easy-Open lids. In addition, we added new management tools: ERP – SAP, to optimize our processes to the maximum, and we opened an international production center with the new plant in Concepción, Chile.
In this first decade we also grew with the acquisition of several companies in the sector: Unión Metalgráfica, S. A., Metalgráfica de Envases, S. A., and Derivados de Hojalata.

In 2011 we celebrated our 50th anniversary with the inauguration of a pioneering smart warehouse. This is also the decade in which we developed two new centers that would bring us closer to our customers in the North of Spain, in La Rioja, and to those in Germany, in Dortmund, which was a step towards reducing CO2 emissions from the containers we transported. We began calculating the carbon footprint of our processes and adapted all our sites to obtain BRC Packaging certification.

Over this decade we won several awards recognizing our work in personnel management, product innovation, and internationalization: the “Murcia Flexible Company” Award in 2011, the “La Caixa Incorpora Award” in 2015, the “Can of the year Canmaker” Award in 2017, and the “Best International Strategy” Award in 2019.

We started the decade adapting to Covid-19 and working with more vigor than ever. We received an award for training and professional development management, the “Cegos HR 2020 Award,” and another for collaborating with the School of Industrial Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), the “Mateo Vodopich 2020 Award.” It is also the year in which we created a Chair with the UPCT for the innovation of more sustainable packaging and conservation solutions.   


A Multicultural, Dynamic Company with a Desire to Grow

Throughout our 60-year history, we have worked with the clear objective of forging a solid business structure.

Today, we are present in more than 20 countries and currently have 7 production sites employing more than 900 people.

About Our Centers

Click on the images to find out more about each of our centers.


Molina de Segura, Murcia (Spain)


Murcia. (Spain)

Mairena del Alcor

Sevilla. (Spain)


La Rioja. (Spain)



Molina de Segura

Molina de Segura, Murcia. (Spain)


We Like What We Do and We Care About Doing It Well

For Auxiliar Conservera it is important for our customers to be able to verify the various certifications required for all the products that leave our factories.

To do so, strict supervision is carried out based on the standards of recognized excellence and subject to external certification audits, which guarantee the quality of the processes and products.

If you would like to receive more information about our management systems as well as relevant information about legal compliance obligations, you can do so by writing to info@auxiliarconservera.es

Molina de Segura

Pol. Ind. el Tapiado 30500 Molina de Segura, Murcia

Center specialized in the supply and cutting of tinplate coils and where our production process is born. This recently created center brings an improvement in the management and logistics of coils and cut tinplate packages.

Dortmund - Alemania

Gneisenauallee, 20 – 44329 Dortmund Renania N.Westfalia Alemania

This center was created to meet the specific wall to wall packaging needs of our Intersnack customer. A production and logistics process, with which we also reduce the CO2 emissions of our packaging and, ultimately, of our customer’s final product.

Concepción - Chile

C/ Golfo de Arauco, 3604 Parque Industrial Coronel (Concepción) CHILE

We started our Chilean adventure in 2009. Since then, we have made available to the canning industry of the area the know-how accumulated over 50 years of experience in the sector. A center that specializes in packaging for fish and in the production of Easy-Open lids to meet the needs of various areas of the American market.

Agoncillo - La Rioja

P.I. El Sequero – Avda. de los Cameros, 72 Agoncillo 26150 La Rioja

State-of-the-art center with maximum efficiency lines, which allows us to quickly meet the packaging needs of the well-established canning industries in the north of Spain and the south of France.

Mairena de Alcor

A-398 Km. 5 Mairena del Alcor 41510 – Sevilla

Center specialized in the production of olive oil containers, with state-of-the-art machinery, offering the highest quality containers to the market and making us the leading company in this category at a national level.


Ctra. de Alicante, Km. 5,2 Monteagudo 30160 – Murcia

Center specialized in tinplate varnishing and lithography, from which the needs of the different packaging production centers are met, and which has a capacity to process 80,000 tons of tinplate per year.


Ctra. Torrealta, S/N Molina de Segura 30500 – Murcia

Our main factory is located in Molina de Segura (Murcia) where we manufacture containers of various types and produce specialized Easy Open and Peel Off lids.

In addition, we have a smart warehouse with the latest technology available on the market for automated storage systems, with capacity for 23,000 pallets and an optimization in the management of customer deliveries.