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We Are Responsible

At AC we are very conscious of our responsibility as a company and of all that we can contribute to the society in which we live. For this reason, we work every day to become a leader in the sector in terms of sustainability and we are committed to integrating into our strategy the 10 key principles proposed by the United Nations as essential for responsible business management.


Living and working in accordance with the principles of our Code of Ethics dignifies us and makes us better professionals.

Our Code of Ethics is a valuable tool to guide our actions in social, financial and ethical matters, helping us to progress and grow as professionals. At AC, we firmly believe in the honest, upright, and transparent behavior of our company and all the people who interact with it, every day, and in all our activities.

Our Ethical

Ethical principles are the foundation on which all AC professionals base their actions and decision-making.







on Innovation

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by developing systems that preserve food in the healthiest and most environmentally friendly way. 

Working with this approach drives us to constantly innovate in order to give the best of ourselves and offer new formats and patents. This is the key that has allowed us to continue growing and expanding our processes internationally.

A Digital Company

Our digital transformation is based on 4 pillars:


Customer engagement

Improved customer experience


Supply chain management

Reduced operating costs and delivery times


Employee management

Increased productivity and improved employee experience.



Automatización de procesos

Error reduction

We are committed to Industry 4.0


We help each other to grow

The driving force and the soul of our company: people.

That is why we strive to bring out the best in people, with a firm commitment to their continuous training and their professional and personal growth. Thus, we develop compensation and benefits policies, flexible remuneration, work-life balance, among many others.


We have no doubt: at AC we have the best talent.

In 2016, we created the Talent Program, and since then, almost 200 of our employees have benefited from the process of evaluating and identifying their potential. Through this program we deploy pioneering and cutting edge lines of action to empower the different groups of the Company, mainly focused on:

Identify and develop talent through specific training programs

Manage career plans and provide people with the resources they need to grow as professionals

Attracting talent from the best professionals in the market

Manage the knowledge of our top professionals through internal mobility plans


Our AC Talent Program has been awarded the Cegos Human Resources  Best Practices Award in the development and learning category.


Ensuring and promoting the safety and health of everyone who works with us is part of our daily routine.

To ensure compliance with this responsibility, we integrate occupational risk management into the company’s management, which is established in its Occupational Health and Safety Policy. We have a Prevention Department qualified in all preventive specialties, endorsed by OHSAS 18001 certification.

In addition, if you want to view a document, you can download it:

We Care for Our Environment

At AC we always want to do our best for our customers and for the planet. That’s why our tinplate containers are highly recyclable. In addition, we have an environmental management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, the basic principles of which are established in our Environmental Policy.


We have been calculating our Carbon Footprint and reducing CO2 emissions for six years.

In addition, our commitment to sustainable development leads us to implement energy efficiency strategies, such as the installation of solar panels for self-consumption, the saving of electricity and fossil fuels and the reduction of raw materials and waste, with the aim of improving the eco-efficiency of our processes and adding value to our products by improving every year.

We have a lot to tell you. Here you can download the following documents:

Socially Responsible

We are committed to the needs of society and the different communities in which we operate.

Most of our employees are local residents, so our social and economic impact on the communities is very important, as drivers of employment creation and economic development.

We are in close and direct contact with communities, which has allowed us to collaborate closely in the resolution of local problems. An example of this is the reforms carried out at the Torrealta factory, in which the access needs of the irrigation community were taken into account and the construction of a new road was adapted to meet their requests. In addition, the new road involved the improvement of an area including lighting and landscaped areas that help to better integrate the urbanization with the rural environment in which we find ourselves.

We participate in and sponsor multiple cultural, social, and local sports promotion activities. We also collaborate with foundations to promote the employability and incorporation into the labor market of people with disabilities and with entities dedicated to integrating disadvantaged groups such as Jesús Abandonado, Cáritas, and Obra Social La Caixa.


Towards the Future.

At AC we want to continue growing economically, caring for the environment, supporting the principles that unite us and believing in the human potential of our company and our ability to help those who need it most. That is why we are looking toward the future through our first Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan.

In each of our areas of action, we undertake different commitments to all our stakeholders and the firm commitment to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and the achievement of their targets towards the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, especially those linked to our activities:


In addition, AC is affiliated in the collaborative platform Sedex as a supplier member. Sedex is a global organization that connects companies around the world to improve business practices, ensuring that products produced and sourced in the supply chain have been manufactured in an environment that respects workers’ rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.