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OpenVac, the sound of innovation

A new way of packaging and preserving food that departs from traditional canning methods.

It uses high vacuum to achieve an absolutely airtight seal, but with a very easy opening, without sharp edges or cutting elements.


Since there is no air, there is no risk of oxidation of the food and, therefore, its shelf life is extended. In addition, there is no need to add preservatives or immerse the product in oil or other preserving liquid.

This system requires, in its sterilization and pasteurization processes, less exposure time to high temperature. This, together with a reduction in the use of salt for preservation, ensures the quality of the product with its original qualities, maintaining the vitamins and minerals of the food.

A revolution in ease of opening, easy and safe. And since it contains hardly any liquid, it is easy to consume in any place and circumstance. A container that can accompany us at any time of the day and in which we can also heat the food.

The time reduction of thermal packaging processes leads to significant energy savings. But also the extreme reduction of the preserving liquid used, which allows for more product to be transported in each shipment. Not to mention a design, in some formats, that greatly optimizes transport. All of this, in short, contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with this activity.

OpenVac ‘s range of formats adapts to any capacity and size need, and can be adapted to all types of products: nuts, ready meals, pickles, preserves in oil, preserves au naturel, preserves in syrup, marinades, etc.

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