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Always one step ahead

At AC we are continually thinking about how to move forward. We apply this philosophy not only to the quality of our products, but to all aspects of our work process


Our R&D experts work every day to search for and acquire the most innovative materials. From there, we focus on optimizing manufacturing processes and improving services, adapting to the needs of our customers and offering each of them exactly what they need.


Our process system is mechanized in a very efficient way and is capable of producing up to 800 cans per minute, thereby giving a highly immediate response to any order.

We also have a smart warehouse with the latest technology in the market in automated storage systems, with capacity for 23,000 pallets and optimization in the management of deliveries to our customers.


We are known for our courage to embark on the most innovative projects for the manufacture of packaging. Products such as OpenVac, which are known for their groundbreaking and innovative ideas, to offer our customers the latest in the packaging market.


Our quest for innovation goes beyond a can or a manufacturing process. We also bring innovation to the field of services, offering our customers the most advanced digital solutions to make the purchasing process a completely satisfactory experience

Administrative Customer Management

A private space for browsing and downloading administrative information, specially designed so that our customers can access specific content in just a few clicks.

The Online Store

A platform through which we bring our range of anonymous packaging, specifically olive oil packaging, specially designed for cost-conscious customers.

AC Design

A cloud-based lithography validation system designed specifically for packaging graphics production requirements.

EDI System

A system through which we enable online data exchange with customers and suppliers, including purchase orders and their confirmations as well as logistical processes and invoices.

If you want to activate any of these services: