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For the second year, we are “Reduzco CO2”!

Together we will do it!

At AC, we are fully committed with the reduction of CO2 emissions, being a priority among our sustainability goals. The action plan of our programme sets 2015 as the baseline year to start measuring the reduction of the AC’s footprint. Since then we have implemented more sustainable practices, such as the use of 100% of energy originating from renewable sources; the adquisition of maximum energy efficiency technologies, and also through efficient logistics of our warehousing and distribution services. An effort that has led us to achieve, since 2016, a reduction of 60%.

Thanks to these commitments, we have for the second year the “Reduzco CO2” seal, awarded by the “Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico”.

If you want to go deeper, visit our “Environmental Sustainability Report 2020”.

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